Finnish rock with a heart

100% natural

Tampereen kovakivi oy

Tampereen Kovakivi Oy quarries and processes finnish granite with experience of over hundred years. Our customers are contractors, construction companies, public suppliers and private consumers.

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Long-lasting, environmentally friendly and made with Finnish quality

Finnish natural stone is well known for its high quality and usage durability. It has an extremely long lifespan which makes it great construction material for facades. Natural stone is eco-friendly and it leaves a lower carbon footprint compared with other building materials.


The Tramway Alliance, Tampere

During the construction of the Tampere Tramway, Tampereen Kovakivi has provided stones to Hämeenkatu pavement, tram platforms, and several other curbstone objects. Used materials have been Kuru Black, Kuru Grey and Kuru Redbrown.